Rechargeable electronic incense burner

199 SAR

You can now incense your clothes with incense on your travels, in your home, in your car and in your office, after you get the best portable electric incense burner .

It will get rid of traditional incense burner, lighter, charcoal, ash, dirty hands from charcoal, charcoal hazards and save a lot of time waiting for charcoal ignition.

Only after you get the latest portable smart electric incense burner.

Features :

  • Portable electric incense burner is suitable for all types of incense and has a larger capacity so you can put more incense and use it for a longer time.
  • A portable electric incense burner that is charged for only two hours with a normal USB port, whether in the car or home charger port, and then ignites the incense for about 14 times.
  • Designed to be firmly in place of car cups.
  • A portable electric incense burner with a metal cover that prevents the incense from falling or scattering if the incense burner falls, for example.
  • A fan that pushes the smoke of incense upwards to speed it up everywhere.
  • Efficient and works quickly, it burns incense quickly so that the aroma of incense immediately spreads and fills your car, home and wardrobe.
  • Premium Quality Metal Portable Electric Incense Burner: You can use the incense burner made of high-quality materials as a decorative decoration with an attractive design.
  • Suitable to be a perfect gift.

  • 199 SAR

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