electronic water pump

70 SAR


Product name: electronic water pump

black color

Power supply: USB charging / direct plug-in

Capacity selection: 2 modes, 0.3L / 1.0L

Battery Capacity: Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Material: ABS plastic 304 stainless steel pipe food grade silicone


Upgrade type: intelligent 2 quantitative water flow modes, 0.3L or 1.0L, one-button water outlet quickly without waiting

Low decibel, silent design

360 degree rotating water pipe

Made of safe material, no odor, high glossy, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant

Food grade silicone water pipe (can be replaced for a long time, more sanitary)

304 stainless steel outlet pipe, with elegant and compact body, highlighting the quality.

Cordless electric pump, suitable for outdoor use, easy to carry.

USB charging cable

Full charge indicating, intelligent touch button, convenient.

Package included:

1 x Electric Water Pump

1 x USB cable

  • 70 SAR

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